Lintrade Turf group

Established in 1962, Turf Group have over 40 years experience working with and supplying Landscaping Construction and Sports Industries with Quality Sports Products.

Established in 1962, we have over 40 years experience growing, supplying and installing quality turf.

Turfgroup customers include professional sporting bodies, international sporting venues, major construction companies, royalty, stately homes, professional gardeners and home owners across the UK who demand the best.

Having built a reputation for turf and turf services, we have combined our knowledge and experience with other major companies to provide "the total service to the turf industry".

Lintrade Turf group

turfgroup, with over 40 years reputation for quality and reliability, supplying the landscape,construction and professional sports industries have combined their knowledge with other major companies worldwide to provide a total service to the turf industry.

Established in 1962 by Sam Hodgkinson, the turf business began harvesting and supplying meadow turf locally in Cheshire. Turf was lifted in 1ft x 1ft 6" pieces, stacked manually into four and then stacked again manually onto pallets for loading.

In 1970 Sam Hodgkinson revolutionised the turf industry by offering a crane-loading facility, which was a first for the U.K. and Europe.

In the late 1980's meadow turf in Cheshire became scarce, so much so that in 1987, the company started to produce seed grown turf. As demand for seed grown turf increased, various mixes were sown to produce different grades of turf to meet many types of applications.

In 1998 turfgroup undertook their first major challenge - to re-turf Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club. After the project was completed further research and developments were carried out to improve the harvesting and installation techniques. Further orders were received from other stadia in the U.K. and the companies first export turf order for the Amsterdam Arena in Holland.

It was now obvious that the growing climate of the natural grass in modern built stadiums was becoming a problem and a solution was required.

In early 2000, a partnership was formed with the Hendriks group. Who also had recognised the need for natural turf solutions for stadiums across Europe. Further research and investment was made in order to produce a unique natural turfing installation system, which has been successful in 50 major stadiums across Europe.

In 2006, the turfing innovations were recognised by F.I.F.A and the Hendriks Graszoden Group, became the official turf supplier for the F.I.F.A World Cup Germany 2006.

Over the past 45 years, turfgroup ltd have carried out projects for local authorities, major sporting bodies, top sporting venues, construction companies, professional clubs, TV celebrities, Royalty, stately homes and home owners across the UK. The company is now globally recognised for its progress and turf innovations. Committed to providing "The total service to the Turf industry".